Jay-Z thanks EVERYBODY as he gets inducted into the Songwriter’s HOF


Back in February Jay-Z was selected to enter the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame becoming the first rapper to do so. Today was the induction ceremony. Caught up in the spirit of the event, Jay-Z took to Twitter, something he doesn’t do often, and sent out a billion tweets.

Okay, maybe not that many. He thanked all the people who influenced him. Eventually it read like the beginning of the New Testament: Abraham begat Isaac; and Isaac begat Jacob; and Jacob begat Judas and his brethren…

Here we go….

The first tweet shouts out the greats and a few up and comers. The second batch is Woke Jay; he remembers the ladies and the old school. He finishes it off in the third tweet with some more youngsters.




Oh my God I forgot New York…

and my wife! Hov gave Wu-Tang and Redman a shoutout. Then he decided Beyonce is a rapper.


A few more, but I got this

So he forgot a few, no big deal. In the next three tweets Jay remembers all those he forgot or will continue to forget and it’s a wrap. No problem.




It’s never over! New York Part II + The Roc

More New Yorkers plus a promise to abstain from Twitter. It’s all good though because after these tweets he’s definitely named everyone…right?



I’m not drunk

He was probably drunk. Also, Obama is now a rapper. Mark it down.




The Culture

I like how Jay ends it with a concise reflection: “Black people really magic.” Even when he’s not trying he drops little gems.




Congratulations to one of the greatest rappers of all time.

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