Watch: Amine’s “Turf”


Fresh off his inclusion on XXL’S 2017 Freshman List, Amine released a video for “Turf.”

The Video

It’s simple but effective. Amine is in an Alhambra-based grocery store singing and rapping into a banana-yellow microphone. He’s accompanied by a guitar player and a drummer playing electric drum.

Amine’s crooning of the chorus places the song in a Jazz club or some other location with low-lighting and smoke in the air. The grocery store works, however, as it reflects the neighborhood Amine lives in.

Micah Bickham directed the video but Amine probably had some input. According to the YouTube description he directed his videos for “REDMERCEDES” and “Caroline.”

The Song

As mentioned above the song is about home. The hook refers to leaving home in search of greater horizons. Amine is from Portland, Oregon, but he’s moved to East Los Angeles. Ostensibly the reason is to be in closer proximity to the entertainment industry.

Amine talks about missing his mother and having friends that will never leave his hometown. He also says that whenever he returns home he gets emotional. It’s never easy to live away from home and Los Angeles can be a particularly tough place. With all of his success, however, it seems like Amine is adjusting well.

The end of the song gets an incredible boost from the cameo appearance by Charlie Wilson. Charlie Wilson is a legendary R&B singer who started out as the lead vocalist for The Gap Band. More recently he has worked with younger musicians including Tyler the Creator and extensively with Kanye West. On “Turf” he closes out the song by singing the chorus in his signature style.


Great song and great video. It doesn’t appear to be connected to anything (like an album), but let’s hope that Amine will have more on the way soon.


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