Danielle Bradbury announces new album; releases new single


Fans of “The Voice” probably recall a young Danielle Bradbury winning season 4. That season, Bradbury became the youngest winner of “The Voice.” Bradbury comes from Cypress, Texas. She has a bubbly personality and beautiful voice. Several judges turned their chairs for her, but Blake Shelton won her to his team.

Today, it’s been four years since Bradbury won the voice, and now she is releasing her sophomore album later this year. She plans to release it December 1, but pre-orders are available now. Ten songs are on the new album, seven of which Bradbury co-wrote herself. According to Taste of Country, she even worked with other top writers, like Thomas Rhett, Emily Weisband and Jeff Pardo to create the album.

Recently, she shared an acoustic version of one of the songs on the new album, which you can listen to below.

Since her time on “The Voice,” both Bradbury and her music have grown and developed. However, she has managed to hang onto her overly sweet voice and Southern accent. She has a lot of control over her voice and has a way of capturing her audience perfectly. Especially in her new song, “Worth It,” you can hear the passion in her voice.

In the past, a lot of Bradbury’s music has been fun, catchy tunes. For example, she came out with a song titled “Friend Zone” in 2015 that is playful and upbeat. In the video, she and a group of girls are busy dancing and telling boys that they are in the “friend zone.” You can take a look at the fun video, here.

Some of Bradbury’s more recent music takes a more serious, grown-up approach. “Worth It” is definitely a different sound for the singer. She also has a brand-new single from the start of summer with the same type of sound. “Sway” was released June 1, and is an impressive song for Bradbury. While it still has a catchy sound, it’s more enjoyable to listen to than the music she made when she was younger.

All in all, Bradbury seems to be making her case for being a legitimate country singer. While we may not hear any of her songs on mainstream stations in the near future, that will change if she keeps up with this new sound. She’s definitely making her own way in country music and taking the time to make sure her coach from “The Voice,” Shelton is proud of her.

Bradbury was a popular contestant on “The Voice” and still has many fans from her time there. In fact, she remains the most downloaded Voice contestant of all time on iTunes. With the new music Bradbury is creating, we can only guess that she will continue to broaden her fan base for years to come.

Currently, the country music singer is busy with a radio tour. Bradbury also has a handful of dates for live performances coming up. She has two shows scheduled for Aug. 10, 2017 in Minneapolis, and two the following day in Chicago. Take a look at her website for more detailed information.

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