William Michael Morgan releases new single “Vinyl”


William Michael Morgan, the powerful singer behind the hit single “I Met a Girl” is back with a brand-new single called “Vinyl.” He releases this new single as part of his latest album also titled “Vinyl.”

According to The Boot, Carson Chamberlain, Ashley Gorley and Wade Kirby wrote the song for the singer. There’s no doubt that it is a romantic tune. Throughout the song, Morgan sings about the love he shares with a girl and how he would put their love on vinyl if it were a song.

“If our love was a song, girl / I’d play it all night long, girl / I’d tell you what I’d put it on, girl / I’d put it on vinyl,” Morgan sings during the first verse of the song. The melody and romantic lyrics carry throughout the remainder of the song.

You can listen to the full track at the top of the article.

Morgan is starting to make a name for himself in the world of country music. He is currently celebrating the fact that his first single, “I Met a Girl,” earned gold status not too long ago.

The up-and-coming country singer has a classic country sound that’s refreshing to hear. His passion radiates throughout every song he sings. He loves throwback songs and classic country sounds, which he infuses throughout his music.

If you want to see the singer live, he has several dates scheduled throughout the end of the year. He has a show coming up Oct. 12 in Nashville, Tennessee. Then, the tour will continue through Dec. 9 where it wraps up in Flint, Michigan. If you want to learn more about the singer or check out his tour schedule, check out his website.

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