Marna bhi mohobbat mein – Raghunath Yadav – C Ramchandar | Azaad (1955)


Movie: This song appeared in 1955 Pakshiraja Studios’ hit romedy Azaad (Free) produced and directed by Sriramulu Naidu S M. The movie starred Dilip Kumar, late Meena Kumari, late Achala Sachdev, late Pran, late Badri Prasad, etc.

Post the death of Shobha’s (Meena Kumari) father, she stays with her father’s friend Charandas (Badri Prasad) and his wife Shanta (Achala Sachdev). The couple had plans of marrying Shobha to their own son Kumar when they were children. But, Kumar got lost. Thus, years later, Charandas looks for a suitable groom for Shobha. Rich Sunder (Pran) wants to marry Shobha, but the old couple does not like him because of his wayward nature.

Suddenly one night, in the absence of Charandas, Shobha is abducted by bandits. On the way to the jungle, she is rescued by a rich man called Azaad. Charandas gets a letter that Shobha is safe with Azaad and the man would like to marry Shobha. Charandas visits the police inspector to inform him about it. Shobha is returned safely to her home. Not only Sunder, who had planned the abduction of Shobha with a bandit Chander (S Nazir) but also the police are baffled. Azad had sent an expensive horse carriage as a decoy to misdirect the villains. Soon, this qawwali is being sung at the home of rich old Abdul Rahim Khan (Dilip Kumar himself disguised).

Song: The music of this song was scored by C Ramchander and the lyrics were penned by Rajinder Kishan.

The gist of the song, “Even dying did not help me in love. I gave my life, but that did not help. Love is a terrible torture. It is either embers or sometimes a garden.”

Video: Cinematography is by Sailen Bose.

The video opens with an actor beginning the song and others joining him as the chorus. Dilip Kumar, disguised as a rich old Muslim man, is sitting on the side and enjoying the performance. He is also smoking the hookah. Soon, the song peters out and the video ends there.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Raghunath Yadav and the onscreen performances are by Dilip Kumar and others.

Cultural Influence: This typically filmi song is a qawwali, dedicated to the singer’s beloved. The song is very beautiful. The artists are also good. The video is watchable for the same.

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