Conjurer set to play at The State Street Pub


Next Saturday, November 18th, The State Street Pub brings back Conjurer, a local doom/metal band favorite in the Indy scene. Also set to play Saturday night are the bands Void King, Photian Schism, and Wenches. Whether you’re a fan of the doom and gloom, or just want to stop by for the pub food and atmosphere, State Street Pub should be on your list next Saturday night.


Conjurer is an Indianapolis-based rock/metal band. The band consists of members Dillon Enright, Dustin Mendel, John Rau, Gabe Whitcomb, and Brian Wyrick. In their own words, straight from their band’s profile page, “Conjurer melds doom, rock, and swirling melody to create a sound that will propel you through the cosmos”. I can’t speak for the truth of that statement, but from giving them a listen, Conjurer holds nothing back when they bust out the rock. Their sound reminds me somewhat of Mastodon, with the growling vocals interspersed with heavily-distorted, melodic guitar riffs. They’re definitely worth a listen if you’re into dark, heavy rock.

You can find out more about Conjurer by visiting their Bandcamp or Facebook page.

Void King


Another local favorite, Void King isn’t one to be shown up when it comes to rocking loud, and rocking hard. Founded in 2014, Void King consists of Derek Felix (drums), Chris Carroll (bass guitar), Jason Kindred (vocals), and Tommy Miller (electric guitar). Their sound seems to revolve more around maintaining a groove, building it up, then bringing it crashing down again. You can also find Void King on both Facebook and Bandcamp.

Photian Schism

Not much information can be gleamed online about Photian Schism. Their Facebook page only lists their genre as “Blackened D-beat thrash metal punx”. Their Bandcamp only adds that their music is “written to the theme of riding motorcycles into the apocalypse”. Sounds fun.


From what little I was able to gather about this Bloomington-based band, there are still a few nuggets that could prove informative. Wenches are a relatively new band, as their website only displays a message that their debut is coming soon. Their Facebook page lists their members as simply, James, Jarod, Sal, and Kyle. Guess this is one you’ll have to see play to find out more.


If you haven’t been getting enough doom, gloom, and angst out of your system lately, consider stopping by The State Street Pub on the 18th. It’s sure to be quite the cathartic experience. The show starts at 8:00 pm next Saturday, and there’s an eight dollar cover charge at the door.


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