John Prine announces new album and tour for 2018


John Prine has not had a new album in 13 years. But, that doesn’t mean he is not ready to jump back in the saddle once more. Next year, the country/folk singer-songwriter will be releasing a new album and heading out on tour again.

According to Rolling Stone, Prine will set out on his tour early next year. Sturgill Simpson, Margo Price, and Kurt Vile will also be joining him for a portion of the tour. Sturgill Simpson will have a solo appearance on April 13 when the tour hits New York ‘s Radio City Music Hall.

For current tour dates, the general public can buy tickets on Friday. However, you can expect to see more dates pop up throughout the end of this year and the beginning of next year. You can learn more about the tour and see the latest updates on Prine’s website. Right now, Prine has a few dates toward the end of this year and will continue appearing at festivals throughout January. His official tour kicks off in February.

Prine released his first album back in 1971. While the record did not gain much traction, it did receive critical acclaim and set the stage for the remainder of Prine’s career. Throughout the years, Prine has written numerous songs. Some of which have even been covered by female singers.

Prine has also spent time trying his hand at acting. During the 2000s, he starred in a movie with Billy Bob Thornton and recorded some music for the film. Probably one of the most significant factors of his career, however, was the cancer he contracted in the late 90s. A portion of his neck was removed, and his voice changed dramatically.

Luckily, the phenomenal artist went on to re-create his career and create more music. It will be great to hear more new music out of him when the new album drops next year.

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