Kendrick Lamar claims “Damn” is palindromic

"Damn" Collector's Edition album cover

Well, it’s not really palindromic because “Damn” is an album and not a word. Also because this is the most ridiculous repackaging in the history of popular music.

Ramal Kcirdnek

Full disclosure: I was not a supporter of “Damn” as a watershed cultural/hip-hop moment. “Damn” had some catchy tunes but it also had far too many doses of pseduo-intellectualism…

TO WIT, how can anybody actually swallow this tripe about the album being played backwards? To be clear Kendrick is not talking about backmasking. If you grew up like I did you know backmasking as the practice of inserting material, that was recorded backwards, into a song. This material was popularized by The Beatles but kids like me know it for one reason: the devil. Many a church kid was instructed to burn their coded devil messages (aka rap/rock/secular CDs) in a righteous bonfire.


Alas, I digress. Kendrick’s “Damn” is not meant to be played backwards on a turntable (so that backmasked material plays forward). “Damn” is meant to be played in reversed order.

Wait a minute….

That’s a playlist!

I mean, what else needs to be said? Why would anybody pay money for an album that could be created on iTunes in less than a minute? The American public has suffered through musicians’ anniversary editions, remasters, alternate takes and countless live editions. Are we now expected to pay for a playlist?

But wait…

This special edition also comes with a new album cover. Totally makes it worth it.


Unfortunately, no one has made a playlist on YouTube of “Damn” in reverse, so I might have to do it myself. If the “new” album blows me away, I’ll update this post tomorrow.

Chances are this post isn’t getting updated.

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