Kelly Clarkson goes fangirl on an American icon


Has anyone else noticed how Ryan Seacrest seems to constantly be in the middle of the most interesting happenings in the land of celebrities these days?

In case you’re wondering, no, it wasn’t with Mariah Carey this time (Lambs, you can all breathe a sigh of relief.) I’ll give you a hint…somebody has been waiting a lifetime for “a moment like this.”


You guessed it! America’s darling Kelly Clarkson went absolutely haywire when she noticed Meryl Streep being interviewed on the red carpet this Sunday at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

Seacrest was walking with Clarkson down the red-carpeted staircase, when Clarkson cried out unexpectedly, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God, that’s Meryl!”

Seacrest just about pooed himself thinking she’d tripped over her dress. And while we’re talking about it, can that poor guy get a break? After his more recent on-air fiascos, that guy deserves a medal for grace under pressure. He never seems to lose his cool, which is a talent few possess on live television. But I digress. Back to Clarkson.

Our premiere “American Idol” sweetheart proves once again why we love her so much. Throw a well-seasoned celebrity in front of her and it’s starstruck city just like the rest of us. Which proves that all of the fame, fortune, and success of the past 15 years hasn’t changed her inner-fangirl or her tender heart.

Even more adorable was Seacrest’s introduction of the woman who needs no introduction to Meryl Streep.”This is Kelly Clarkson.” You know, just in case the mega-celebrity didn’t recognize the other mega-celebrity.

Of course, Streep being the gracious woman that she is,  welcomed Clarkson with open arms.

“Have you seen my movies?” Streep asked a very excited Clarkson. To which the singer replied, “I love every one! I’ve adored you since I was like 8!”

And who can blame her? I mean, who hasn’t adored the Streep since we were like 8?

A heart-warming moment on the red-carpet indeed.


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