Justine Leconte: fresh fashion Youtuber perspective


    Along with all of the deeper changes you may be making this year, it can be fun to switch things up a bit on the outside. With all of the resources available on social media, it can be difficult to know where to go. Instagram eyebrow pics, contouring tutorials, and liquid lipstick videos abound. And what in the heck are unicorn tears?

    Honestly, in real life, unless your job is to make tutorial videos – ain’t nobody got time for that.

    Overwhelming options can leave us sick of the trends and the high maintenance beauty routines that are just not realistic on a day to day basis.

    For those that prefer a more classic and elegant approach to beauty and fashion tips that fit with your lifestyle, meet Justine Leconte, a French-born fashion designer who lives and works in Germany. She has more than surface tips and suggestions to share.

    Leconte’s channel is a vamped up version of the run-of-the-mill vlogs and offers a variety of take-it-up-a-notch lifestyle advice. You won’t find her squirting purple drops on her face or partaking in any fleeting fad challenges. No, Leconte is in a class of her own when it comes to vlogging.

    Leconte’s channel is for the woman who is more refined. The woman who sees past the trend of the moment and actually wants to learn along about the topic that goes along with advice that is ageless and timeless.

    Here is just a glimpse of the content on Leconte’s Youtube channel:
    1.) Clothing care hacks.

    One of the best features of Leconte’s channel is that she actually gives useful working tips. She gives a common sense approach to the day to day tasks and offers teachings on things we never knew about. Like how to save a shirt that we think is beyond repair. Or how to properly pack away our sweaters for a season so that they do not emerge with mystery stains the next year.

    She also offers advice such as how to recognize poor quality vs. good quality in clothes, when we are tempted by a cheap sticker price that will end up costing us more in the long run due to replacing. You can also find videos exploring the same topic for bags and shoes.

    2.) Personalized styling tips.

    Lots of channels these days offer tips for the moment. We see endless makeup tutorials for looks that look great on the creator, but then once we get them on our skin…hideous.

    Leconte creates videos that aren’t only useful for one palette of skin tones, but for all. She shows us how to discover our undertones which can set the bar for color decisions the rest of our lives. The tips Leconte provides help us to put our best self forward, which can have a striking impact on the way we are received. When we look our best, it can give us a confidence boost that can be carried throughout the day.

    3.) Wardrobe hacks.

    Okay, a show of hands. How many of us have way more clothes than we actually need? How many of us purchased an item of clothing years ago because it was “pretty,” but sits untouched in our closet still because we have nothing to wear with it? Hey, no shame. We all do this.

    Leconte takes the stress out of a messy closet, by providing easy tips for building a realistic wardrobe capsule that we will actually use. This is part of a series which explores how to decide if a capsule is right for you, as well as how to pick complementary colors that will work well with each and every piece to maximize your styling options on a budget.

    4.) Sense of humor:

    Let’s face it. Over the years, when it comes to trends in general, whether they be beauty or social, we’ve seen it all. The good, the bad, the atrocious. One of Leconte’s final videos of the past year poked fun at some of the more comical things that made us go “hmm?” in 2017. She’s definitely not afraid to say the things we were all thinking. With her depth of knowledge and successful industry career, Leconte knows of which she speaks.

    This is only a small, small taste of what Leconte has to offer on her channel. She also has a Parisian Chic series, which illustrates classic styling pieces that are elegant and never fade with the times. And she even explores the topics of healthy food choices and skincare.

    If you are looking for an enriching and educating take on beauty and fashion, this is a channel you don’t want to miss.

    Justine Leconte is currently working in Germany where she runs her own fashion label.

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