Preview: Robots and Magic Powers at the Melody Inn

Sonic Rock Band Robots and Magic Powers Play Their First Show at the Melody Inn on February 14th.

There’s a first time for everything, and for everything a first time. Which should comfort those of you who subscribe to creationism. Speaking of creation, the first time under discussion here is that of a band. Specifically the first show of a local band called Robots and Magic Powers. While bands come and go, there’s always something special about that first performance. However you feel about new music, just keep in mind that Robots and Magic Powers play the Melody Inn on February 14th. Frankly, the more bands we get here in Indy the better, so why not get out and show your support?

A Brief History

Brief indeed, as Robots and Magic powers have formed only recently and have yet to debut. As such, there really isn’t a whole lot of history to relate. But, bands are made up of people and all people have history. So, why not explore the personal histories of some of the players?

Guitarist and lead vocals man Jeremiah has music in his blood. After all, both his parents played in a band, and his mother kept playing drums for her husband’s band even though she was seven months pregnant. According to Jeremiah, many of his immediate family have been musical in some way or another.

Bassist Davina hails from California and also has a musical family. She began teaching herself guitar at 14 before switching over to bass at the age of 22. She has worked with Jeremiah before, and this will be their second project together.

Ceres, resident cellist and keyboards woman, works primarily in the visual arts, but has never been one to shun expansion. Beginning at 9 with the piano, she eventually picked up the guitar as well. Eventually, she discovered a liking for cello rock and made that instrument her music-maker of choice. Robots and Magic Powers will be her first time working with a band

J.J. the drummer is no newcomer to the world of music. Having played with numerous bands over the years, he has sharped his skills on stage and on the road. He has always been passionate about music, and this time is no different.

Their Sound

They call it “sonic rock”. You’ll need to go and see the show to find out what that means.

So, as always. The venue is the Melody Inn, door’s at 7:00.

See you there!


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