Raga Asavari

Brinda Roy Chowdhury Ray
Brinda Roy Chowdhury Ray

This week’s expert Brinda Roy Chowdhury Ray has selected Raga Asavari for today. She says, “To sing Raga Asavari, the singer always has to maintain a balance of peace as well as the gambhir rasa or serious emotions, which is the primary nature of this raga. The time to sing this raga is between 9 AM to 12 noon. Its jaati is audhav sampurna, which means the raga has only five notes during the aaroha and one has to sing back all the seven notes while coming down the swaras, which is the avroha. This raga belongs to the Asavari Thaat. It has the swaras Ga, Dha and Ni as komal while the other swaras are sung in shuddh notes. There is one more type of Raga Asavari with komal Re in it and hence is also known as Raga Komal Asavari.”

Bollywood and Raga Asavari: There are quite a few Bollywood songs based on Asavari. Sometimes, few extra notes are added while composing a song to make it more appealing. Though the primary structure of Raga Asavari has been followed in these songs:
Ruk ja raat thehar jaare chanda… Dil Ek Mandir (1963)

Gairon pe karam apno pe sitam… Aankhen (1968)

Chale jana nahi nain milake… Badi Behan (1949)

Na yeh chaand hoga… Shart (1954)

Mujhe gale se laga lo… Aaj Aur Kal (1963)

Jadoo teri nazar… Darr (1993)

Lo aa gayi unki yaad… Do Badan (1966)

Piya te kahar… Toofan Aur Diya (1956)

Apne man mein preet basa le… Baghban (1938)

Brinda singing Raga Asavari.

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